Festival 2020


CTM 2020 Kick-Off

KQB Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin Map
Tickets: Free entry


19:00 23:00

19:00 Mo Chan
21:00 Peter Kirn & Tad Ermitaño
22:00 Loïc Koutana, NSDOS, Zorka Wollny "The Ceremony" (with the Psychedelic Choir)

Parallel to the opening of the CTM 2020 Exhibition, the festival kicks-off with a get together and performances. The evening opens with a DJ set from Mo Chan, followed by a performance by Hacklab facilitators Peter Kirn & Tad Ermitaño, and closes with a special performance of "The Ceremony" by Loïc Koutana, NSDOS & Zorka Wollny, which features Wollny's Psychedelic Choir.  



NSDOS, aka Kirikoo Des, is a hybrid artist who works simultaneously across dance, music, and digital art.

Loïc Koutana[INT]

Loïc Koutana is a performance artist, model, and producer, also known as part of Brazil's Teto Preto. He also produces solo music under the pseudonym L’Homme Statue.

Zorka Wollny[PL]

Zorka Wollny is a composer and a theatre artist who creates site-specific works which respond to their architectural surroundings. She collaborates—in a director-like mode—with musicians, actors, and dancers and members of the local communities she works in.

Tad Ermitaño[PH]

Tad Ermitaño is a key figure in new media art in the Philippines and South East Asia, with a history reaching as far back as the late 80s when he co-founded the media collective Children of Cathode Ray. 

Mo Chan / DJ Kohlrabi[JP/DE]

Mo Chan, sometimes DJ Kohlrabi, comes from visual art; she cruises between fun and depression, construction and ruination, following her instinct for trueness. As a member of female:pressure she has worked on Perspectives Festival and Berlin's monthly MEETUP, stepping over boundaries of the arts.

Peter Kirn[US/DE]

Peter Kirn is a composer/musician, audiovisual artist, and journalist. Classically trained in composition and piano, his music and visuals meld minimalist and experimental dance music influences with a focus on texture and abstraction. He is the editor of Create Digital Music and Create Digital Motion, working extensively with free and open source tools and shared content.

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KQB Kunstraum, Fri 24.01.2020, 19:00

With works by Sophia Bulgakova; Pau Delgado Iglesias; Anke Eckardt; Richard Garet; Dana Gingras; Wesley Goatley; Loïc Koutana, NSDOS, Zorka Wollny; Nural Moser; Marcus Schmickler; Krista Belle Stewart; and Michael Wick.