Untraining the Ear #4: José Maceda

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11:00 18:00

11:00 – 18:00 Workshop Dayang Yraola and Marie-Luise Calvero
19:00 Performance

With the Untraining the Ear Listening Sessions we propose exercises to decipher sound beyond its contextual affiliation of geography, genre, and valences of identity. It is an attempt to press pause to the daily storm of sonic vibrations, and voice a call to examine and explore the auditory beyond the hearing and start to listen.

For Untraining the Ear Listening Session #4, SAVVY Contemporary, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and CTM Festival present a special archival exhibition and a workshop and performance-based listening session on the works of the experimental musician and maverick composer José Maceda (1917–2004).

For this rare and special event, we invite all students, sound practitioners and enthusiasts of different levels, and anyone curious to engage with Maceda’s work and legacy, to join us in a workshop that leads to a performance of Maceda's masterpiece "Udlot Udlot". Through this intensive day long workshop, we will engage with the composer's sonic archives to process and unravel his experimentations with sound and music in the field of avant garde Philippine electroacoustic scenes, experimental compositions for indigenous and native instruments, and the philosophy behind his works.

This workshop is hosted by Hong-Kong/Manila based curator Dayang Yraola who has worked for many years on re-phrasing Maceda's legacy and remapping his works back into the contemporary history of experimental music and sound scenes around the world. The performance will be lead by the composer Marie-Luise Calvero who is extremely acquainted with the musical compositions and techniques of Maceda's works.

A special collection of flutes, tongatong, balingbing and bangibangs is currently being hand-build for that performance in Manila, and will be shared with the participants to rehearse, perform but also familiarise with the Philippine indigenous musical aesthetics raised through the experimentations found in Maceda's compositions.

The workshop is conceived for 36 participants. Please send a short message telling us about your motivation for participating and your background, with subject line "Udlot Udlot" until 25.08.2018 to → e-mail



Presented by SAVVY Contemporary, Deutschlandfunk Kultur and CTM Festival

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