Berlin Current x N.A.A.F.I. @ Unsound

Tickets: 20 zl


21:00 03:00

Ziúr, Mobilegirl, Lao, Fausto Bahia, Mexican Jihad

Unsound occupies Hotel Forum’s former kitchen for the first time, for an excursion through Mexico City and Berlin via post-genre club music collectives connected through the Internet.

Mexico’s NAAFI will present the "peripherical rhythms" of Lao, Fausto Bahia and Mexican Jihad. The Puerto Escondido-based label and collective NAAFI, like Berlin’s Janus crew, collects and absorbs musical trends from the world over at a steady clip and oversees the production of styles from ballroom house to grime to Jersey club and tribal. It maintains a gaze outwards while staying loyal to its home soil; for its own parties, guests are often representatives of labels like Fade to Mind, Night Slugs, and others whose mercurial aesthetic matches that of its own artists.

Now in its fourth year, CTM's Berlin Current initiative taps into the city’s sprawling landscape of unconventional pop and electronic music hybrids to map out its current expansion of musical diversity, and to support emerging Berlin-based acts and artists. Redefining their home city’s club music scene are the mutated sounds of Ziúr and a playful set from Mobilegirl propelled by Afro-Caribbean rhythms.



Supported by the Musicboard Berlin.

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